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Random tool recommendation


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We all have favorite individual bits of kit in our tool boxes to compliment the Halfords 200 piece professional set. 

What are your favorite tools and why?

a couple of mine are:-

Teng tools mini 1/4 socket / screwdriver bit set because it has a mini ratchet driver that can get into tight spaces.

Olfa SVR2 9mm snap knife. This is a recent purchase and a favorite of window tinters. Its just so well engineered, compact and fits nice in the hand (ooh errrr Mrs).

Whats your favorite tool recommendation?


PS #3 Any Swiss army knife!

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Knipex pliers wrench. Expensive, but I've found it so very useful I've bought a larger size one too. Excellent for plumbing jobs as well as fasteners and pressing things.

Irwin bolt grips. I drive an old hilux, these things really are great for gripping rusted, rounded fasteners. Superb.

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I feel left out, as I don't have the Halfords tool set.

One of my favourite tools though is the Snap-On ratchet screw driver. I have had it over 20 years, and it still works like new.

Next favourite is my Ingersol Rand air impact wrench. It makes a mockery of tight nuts, and enables me to do those difficult jobs on my own.

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Having being brought up using files using draw filing techniques to deburr cut metal I found the following Vargus Shaviv tools at an engineering trade fair in Taiwan some years ago. I was staggered to find they were distributed by a company in Telford a few miles up the road from me. So easy to use and very versatile.




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I particularly like this ratcheting crimping tool with 6 sets of interchangeable jaws, as it does an excellent job on most automotive connectors, no more bodged crimping with pliers:

Also looks to be available in the UK under another brand name with an additional set of jaws for BNC cables:


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I have one of  these which is very handy for use in confined spaces, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-AK6962-4-inch-Stainless-Ratchet/dp/B00K1UNJ52/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Sealey+AK6962&qid=1578388366&sr=8-1, the ability to place it on the fastener and then drive it from the handle is really useful. I often use it with a little Bosch IXO electric driver.

Just realized the one i have is NOT the one I have linked to on Amazon. Mine looks very similar but allows driving from the handle end. This one doesn't. I will try and find a part number on mine and link to it, sorry for the miss-direction. Bought it quite a few years ago and went on appearance not the actual tool.


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Agree with RJ, When I had the business in Dubai, we had a 5 ton forklift and if I ever wanted to get a look underneath the 7 a couple of pieces of wood on top of the forks and up she goes, perfect!

A few others are, Stahlwille torque wrench, chain hoists, a pair of steelfixers nips, a 36" stihl chainsaw, and a brush attachment for my stihl combi https://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/KombiSystem-and-MultiSystem/KombiTools/21174-1482/KB-KM.aspx

Finaly, magnet on a stick and mirro on a stick.

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Ooo,I like that. *rotate* #17

very clever,never seen one like that before.

I like the idea of being able to drive the bit from the handle.

Its on my shopping list for this evening along with a new 1/2 drive torque wrench as I'm fed up not having NM as its so old.

probably not super accurate anymore either due to its age even though it's never been dropped and I have always unwound any torque settings before putting it to bed.


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