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  • Track Day Information

    Caterham and Lotus Seven Club Trackdays are organized to allow drivers of all levels of experience to improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment.  Driving on open, twisty roads can give you some degree of knowledge on what your car is capable of, but it's no substitute for track time in terms of driver education. The track has the advantages of a controlled environment, clean pavement and clear runoff. And unlike the road, you'll repeat the same dozen or so corners fifty times in a day, allowing you to reinforce the lessons each one can teach you. You'll spend less time worrying and more time concentrating, which makes for a much better learning environment. The difference between driving your local twisty rural roads and driving at the track is like the difference between kicking a ball around the street and going to football training camp. You're going to improve far more at the latter.

    While the track is not a place to go slow, there is certainly no minimum speed. The only requirements to getting on track with the Novice group at our Track Days are that your car is in good repair and you have an adequate grasp on the basic operation of your car. If you can accelerate, shift and brake safely and without much hesitation you’re good enough to get on the track and start practicing. By the end of your first track day, you'll be doing all of those things a lot better.

    Prior to the day, novice drivers are matched with more advanced drivers with our BUDDY SYSTEM, allowing them to feel more confident about the day itself, what to bring, what to expect and what happens during the initial administrative part of the day, where everyone seems to be in a rush to get started. Novice drivers will find their initial worries about driving on track for the first time can be significantly eased by chatting to a more experienced driver prior to and during the event. 

    We have found it very popular to hold a social event, usually a hosted dinner, at or near to the track on the evening before the actual day, so that drivers can meet up and chat, exchange stories and driving tips and generally begin to build the camaraderie that is so much a part of our Trackday events.  

    Once on the Track, our Track-day Instruction program gives drivers access to certified personal in-car instructors.  Personal instruction enables you to learn the circuit and the racing lines with the added bonus of that personal touch with a dedicated instructor. This means that the instructor can work with you on every little aspect to improve your driving as well as being able to spend more time with you sorting out any characteristics of your driving that you feel you need to work on.

    The rewards of this service will be astounding and instantly noticeable. Whether you are a track day novice or a seasoned track day driver, Trackday Instruction will always help you to progress up a level or two and feel like you've made great improvements to your driving ability.

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