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About the Venue

Gurston Down Hill Climb 



Gurston Farm, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Points to Note

Watch your speed on the area around Gurston Farm and Broad Chalke as in recent years there has been a regular mobile speed trap.

The paddock is a usually a tarmaced area with marked bays. However watch out for the entrance into the adjacent field used for camping and trailer park as it can get extremely muddy in wet weather.

There is no return road, so competitors are run in batches, collected together in the top paddock before being returned back down the hill. Make sure you scrub your speed off after you cross over the finish line, as you have a nice straight braking area before the collecting area.


For a small fee many camp overnight and make use of the clubhouse bar and food. There are showers available on site.

There are a number of inns and B&Bs in neighbouring villages of Broad Chalke and Bower Chalke and also further afield in Barford St. Martin, Combe Bisset and Dinton.





The start is a fast, long, downhill blast along Park Straight, so good technique off the line is particularly important.

Hollow Bend

A very deceptive, but quick left hand bend with a slight brow on the first apex. When confident, should be attempted with a short lift, rather than braking

Karousel Corner

Brake hard for a tight right hander, steep uphill rise, followed by a right hairpin. The steep gradient scrubs off additional speed between sections.

Deers Leap

Still climbing, a short straight links Karousel and Ashes. You will be accelerating hard in a low gear from the hairpin exit, so keep it straight as the car will go light before you enter the next braking area.

Ashes Corner

A 90° left hander, exit speed is critical before the long drag to the finish.


Although flat out, the final straight - Burkes Rise - curves towards the end so a correct line is needed. There is plenty of room for slowing down before entering the top paddock. You must have all 4 wheels inside the white lines either side of the track as you cross the line.



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