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About the Venue

Harewood Hill Climb


Harewood Hill Climb has been hosting hill climbs since 1962, originally being a lot shorter, but was extended in 1992 to its present format.

The hillclimb is a technical course and is the longest hill climb in mainland Britain at 1448m and has been a regular feature in the speed championship since 2007.


Harewood Avenue, Harewood, Leeds, LS17 9LA

Points to Note

Great venue if you’re bringing spectators with you as you can see the majority of the hill from the paddock, or if feeling energetic, get up close to some of the key areas of the hill.

Paddock places are allocated in number order and the paddock operates a one way system.

Trailers are left in the field where free camping is available and must not be brought into the paddock during the event.


A significant number of competitors camp either in the paddock or in the adjacent grassed area. Toilet and shower facilities are good.

Whilst being a tourist area there are a variety of B&B’s and hotels, many competitors have stayed at the Harewood Arms.



The marshals collect competitors from the paddock and direct them down the steep road to the start line. The Start line is a concrete pad which can be slippery in the damp, but is grippy in the dry. From here, a short straight leads to Clark's.


A 90° right hand bend falling down hill. Settle the car then turn in late, taking in plenty of rumble strip.


This is a right / left section, still slightly down hill. Enter from the left of the track, turn in late for both sections, clipping the apexes, but avoiding the marker posts. Brake in a straight line for Chippy's.


A long right hand hairpin at the lowest part of the course. It is easy to take too much speed into this corner and end up running very wide on the exit.


Cresting the brow, Country appears very quickly. Judging braking is important. It needs to be completed at or around the crest before the sharp left hand Country. Turn in late from the right hand side of the track to achieve good drive out for the next short straight to Willow.


Willow is a 90° right hander. Care is needed as the inside of the bend has a tall rumble slip and the outside has a hedge protected by large foam blocks. Approach from the far left of the track, turn in and apex very late, being careful to avoid the hedge!


Orchard is an uphill right hander. It is possible to take a fair amount of rumble strip / grass on the left just before your turn in. Care is needed, however, not to unsettle the car too much.


A quick blast through the farmyard, braking as the buildings end, leads into Farmhouse bend, a long uphill left hander. Keep near the middle of the track initially, hitting a late apex before drifting wide as the corner straightens out.


Probably the most difficult corner to get right. It is approached at speed and is a long, rising right hander which tightens towards the end. It can almost be treated as 2 bends - a gentle right hander, a short straight and a sharp right hander.



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