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About the Venue

Prescott Hill Climb

Set in 69 acres of glorious Cotswold countryside, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the estate not only provides a beautiful setting for a range of classic car and bike weekends, but also hosts major motor racing championships. The track is 1127 yards long and rises over 200 feet on a technically challenging course incorporating short straights, fast and slow corners and a breathtaking hairpin.

Before your run, its worthwhile checking the paddock layout so, having completed your run, and returned along the return road, that you can find your way back to your paddock spot! (its easy for dual drivers! The first driver simply exits the return road, and continues straight towards the start area)


Prescott is situated 5 mile north of Cheltenham off the A435. Postcode GL52 9RD


There are hotel and B&B’s in the Cheltenham area. Camping is available on site and there are also bars and catering facilities.




From the start, the road sweeps to the right, then the left

Orchard Corner

This is blind and tightens further at the exit. This is followed by a short straight leading to Ettores.


A very slow more than 180° hairpin right with a tightening exit. Its important to slow enough to allow a clean exit! The exit of “Ettores” drops downhill, and kinks left onto the short straight before rising sharply on the approach to “Pardon”.


“Pardon” is a very tight uphill left. The exit bends slightly to the left leading to the blind right on the approach to the “Esses”.

The Esses

A left, right, and tighter left complex followed by a short uphill straight leading to the daunting Semicircle


A fairly open almost 180° righthander, which has a steep drop away from the outside of the road, leading to a short straight dash to the finish line


Following the finish line, look out for the very tight downhill left turn into the return road to the paddock. Also, look out for the timing display at the first tree on the left a few yards down the return road.


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