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    Trackday Instruction takes place on a signup basis on the day. The sessions last 20 minutes with an Association of Racing Driver Schools (ARDS) qualified ride-along instructor using headset communications gear. The objective of our Trackday Instruction program is to help drivers to lap at a higher speed with an equal or greater safety margin than they had previously.

    The three main areas are covered when driver coaching are:

    1. Vision Reading the road Visualising racing lines 'Point of Focus' Visual Technique Correct use of head and eye movement whilst driving
    2. Technique Braking - threshold braking and trail braking. Understanding weight transfer on the approach to corners. Left foot braking (where appropriate) and heel /toe braking. Throttle - application through corners, trailing throttle and the use of the throttle to manage weight transfer through corners Steering – the effect of weight transfer, the effects of combining steering with throttle / brake. Reading the car and tyre feedback and management.
    3. Pace The ability to lap at a higher speed and consistently while remaining in full control. This will come as a by-product of effective use of Vision and Technique. Our Trackday Instruction program is available on a “first come - first served” basis on the morning of each Trackday during the initial sign on session.
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