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About the Venue


Best known as the venue for the Grand National, it also has a long and proud history as a motor sport venue, hosting the British Grand Prix in 1955—1962 and was also the venue where Stirling Moss scored his first victory in a World Drivers Championship Event.

A large section of the circuit still exists (within the horse racing course) upon which this sprint is held. The course may appear deceptively simple but lines need to be perfect in order to achieve the highest possible speeds down the long straights.


Aintree Golf Course, Aintree, Liverpool,  L9 5AS

Points to Note

Our paddock area is normally in the grassed field just after the sign on building. Leave enough space between  the row by the hedge to the row in the middle to allow for cars to be dropped off the trailers and still be able to get out of the paddock area. You’re straight out of the paddock onto the form up line so get ready in your paddock bay. Bring plenty of fuel as you are likely to get multiple runs.

For driver change over you don’t need to return to the paddock, but head back around the final corner and through the cones as if heading for the start line.


You are able to camp in the paddock area the night before the event, but sorry no showers. For hotels there are a number in close proximity, whilst none are specifically recommended there are the following :-

Premier Inn Grand National Way, Aintree Racecourse, Ormskirk Road, Aintree L9 5AS

Premier Inn Northern Perimeter Road, Netherton, Merseyside L30 7PT

Premier Inn Venture Fields, Widnes WA8 0GY

The Park Hotel Dunnings Bridge Rd, Netherton, Bootle, Liverpool L30 6YN

Express By Holiday Inn Knowsley Business Park, Ribblers Ln, Knowsley, Liverpool , L34 9HA

The Suites Hotel Knowsley Business Park, Ribblers Ln, Knowsley, Liverpool , L34 9HA

Regent Maritime Hotel 58-62 Regent Rd, Liverpool L20 8DB

Throstles Nest Hotel 344 Scotland Rd, Liverpool L5 5AQ

Village Hotel Liverpool Fallows Way, Whiston, Prescot, Liverpool L35 1RZ



You’ll line up on the right of the track, drop the clutch and floor it, keeping over to the right .

County Corner

Dab the brakes and feather the throttle, late turn in and stay off the kerb and the concrete edging if wet. Feed the power in and drift over to the right, before sweeping left in preparation for Village Corner.

Village Corner

Feather the throttle, another late turn in, get as close as you can to the kerb, start applying power from the apex, as much as you dare, but stay on the black stuff as the car will push to the left . Stay away from the fences as they are solid under the brush.

Valentines Way

Now floor it and hope for a tail wind on the longest straight, keeping over to the left.

Bechers Bend

Leave your braking as late as possible, carry as much speed as you dare but watch for the dip just prior to the the apex which unsettles the car, then it’s back on the power. Stay in the middle and hang on, there’s another dip before the exit but try and drift wide to around it.

Railway Straight

If you had a tail wind on Valentines you’re heading into it now! Keep to the centre of the track , head down.


Keep on the power until over the line, scrub the speed off for the return to the paddock


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