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    For Caterham and Lotus Seven enthusiasts - you don't need be be an owner!

    • Annual Membership - £55.00 (£50.00 if paying by direct debit or pre-authorised card).
    • Annual Joint Membership - £66.00 (£61.00 if paying by direct debit or pre-authorised card).


  • About Us

    The Caterham and Lotus Seven Club is for owners & enthusiasts alike and among our members are people who own, are building or simply love Caterhams and Lotus Sevens.

    The Club is an independent organisation, registered as a company limited by guarantee, run by members for members and enjoys close relationships with a wide range of specialist suppliers who share our passion for the legendary Seven.

    Whether it’s touring, racing, driving experiences, track days or social events, Club members can share their experiences of this great car with like-minded people. 

    Our History

    The Lotus Seven Club was established over 40 years ago, starting off as a group of friends meeting up with one big passion in common – the Seven! And at its heart, not a lot has changed! Members getting together to enjoy their cars is still what the Club is all about.

    Ever since the launch of the Lotus Seven in 1957, owners had met up to talk about their cars. When Caterham Cars took over the production of the 7 in 1973, they set up the Lotus Seven Club, produced a magazine and arranged a local meeting in Surrey. Unfortunately this Club was short lived due to the time and energy needed to keep this club going. The small local meetings that had started across the country continued operating more or less in isolation.

    The catalyst for the Club’s relaunch was the first International Super Seven Meeting which was held at the Beaulieu Motor Museum in May 1983. The success of this meeting resulted in the Club we see today and the Club has grown to massive proportions with over 3,000 members worldwide & it’s expanding all the time.

  • Membership of the Caterham and Lotus Seven Club gives you access to...

    • Local Area and national meetings 
    • Lowflying - The monthly magazine for all Lotus Seven and Caterham Seven enthusiasts
    • Over 4,000 people who own or appreciate sevens. These people have a wealth of information that will help you enjoy your Seven to the full  
    • Club organised events, both social and driving on tour, circuit and in competition
    • Discounts with companies offering services for seven owners
  • Annual Membership - £55.00 (£50.00 if paying by direct debit or pre-authorised card).

    Annual Membership also includes an additional named Family Member who resides at the same address. This person can accompany the Member to club events but cannot book events independently. This Family Member cannot compete in the Club Speed Championship or vote at the Club AGM.

  • Annual Joint Membership - £66.00 (£61.00 if paying by direct debit or pre-authorised card).

    A Joint Member must be a family member who resides at the same address. Joint Members have full membership of the Club. They can compete in the Club Speed Championship, book track days/events independently, post on the Club forum, and vote in the club AGM.

  • Caterham and Lotus Seven enthusiasts meeting up - it's what we are about
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