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About the Venue

Epynt Hill Climb


They always say that hills bring a different challenge and atmosphere to sprints, and this is certainly a different venue. Deep within the Brecon Beacons National Park, on roads which are normally part of a military training ground. This is a venue well known to the Welsh Rally fraternity, the track having formed part of Rally GB, International Rally of Wales and many other events.

The hill is deep in the Epynt Ranges, on what is still an operational military road, (when not being used for motor sport) and can be altered over the years by heavy vehicle traffic and the weather, so it is doubly important to walk the course.You need to find your own markers for braking as they may have changed from previous years. The chicanes carry time penalties, and are normally weighted


GPS 52.020626,-3.594848 or follow A40 west from Trecastle taking the turning to Llywel, LD3 8RG will get you to the right entrance but don’t navigate to the Farm..... Keep on the main military road past the big red warning signs and follow the small hill climb signs.

Points to Note 

While the championship round is on the Sunday we do have an invite to the Saturday.


Whilst the facilities are definitely on the squaddie side of basic, with a whole new perspective on Red light district withmilitary night rules in the toilets.... Camping is available at the paddock but make sure that you bring everything you need, including drinking water.

There are a number of hotels & B&B’s in the area, either around Trecastle or Llandovery.



You’ll line up on the road and go over the bridge to the start line. It is uphill from the start, so get your foot down.

Turn 1

Stay over to the right, braking on the straight, before the first left hand bend, once round get your foot straight back down for the uphill straight.

Turn 2

Keep over to the left and leave it as late as possible before braking in to this long right hander. Keep your speed up, you need it for the steep hill ahead of you.

Chicane 1

Keep you foot down until you can see the chicane in front of you, then brake quickly before swerving to the the right to get round the barrier. Stay on the tarmac.

Chicane 2

Any speed you kept through the chicanes will pay dividends now, this is a long full throttle straight, keep on the power until after the finish line.


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