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About the Venue

Blyton Park

Opened in May 2011, built within the confines of the former RAF Blyton saw our first visit in 2013 for their very first National B Sprint. But after further investments there are now multiple layouts, and new to us for 2018 the Eastern circuit brings a mix of old and new.

It feels very much like Curborough on Steroids - technical and fast, with a good mix of fun quick sections as well as slower corners rewarding patience and technique. Some sections of the circuit are marked with cones so you need to keep your wits about you.


Old Blyton Airfield, Kirton Road, Blyton, Gainsborough DN21 3PE

Sprinting Information

Points to note

Watch the access road coming in as it does have some serious potholes.

The paddock has numbered bays, and you can camp in front of your paddock bay. Be prepared for a long walk from your paddock position to the facilities and office. The entry gate is normally locked a 10pm on Friday night and opens at 7am on Saturday morning.

Site has a café and showers,


Blyton Park - Camping in the Paddock         

Lime House - B&B Small B&B approx 10 minutes from circuit.

Ermine Lodge -  B&B Close to Lincoln.

The George - Local B&B, Excellent food, Reasonable rates.

Blyton Ponds - B&B + Self-catering Chalets.

Grayingham Lodge - 5* B&B. Very close to the circuit.

The Beckett Arms - Local Pub with rooms and evening meals.
25 High Street, Corringham, DN21 5QP. Tel: 01427 838201

Black Horse - Good food, highly recommended.

Blyton Park Eastern Sprint



Up to the line, don’t block the return to the paddock. Off the line and power down the straight.


Open double apex left hand corner turning into the infield, Don’t carry too much speed into the corner, but make use of the circuit width.


Position right on the exit from Chapmans. K7 is an open Left / Right Chicane, getting the exit from K7 right sets you up for a fast Tubshaws.


Quicker than it looks, out from K7 on the throttle and hold on through the middle

Curve Grande

Long sweeping right hander, don’t lift too early.

The Wigler

The track transitions from the smooth right hander into the middle of the back straight chicane. With an aggressive left hander. The kerb on the right gives you a sight line for the turn in. Power down for the straight


Keep right for this classic Slow in Fast out corner, make sure you don’t understeer off the circuit.

Bunga Bunga

A touch of brake before turning, and back on the power, feathering the throttle on the exit not to understeer off.

Port Vilte

Off the familiar track and down the right hand lane towards a short Ushers 2.

Ushers 2

A very tight right turn and your over the line before you know.

Blyton Park Outer Sprint



Upto the line, don’t block the return to the paddock. Off the line and power down the straight


Keep a smooth line through Jochen

The Ump

keep lef t through the Ump keeping close to the curb but try not to ride as it will unsettle the car.


Long and sweeping, keeping the power on while washing out to the outside of the track.

The Wiggler

Brake late and scrub speed off as you wiggle through the chicane, watch the inside kerb, but make use of the flat curb on the exit.


Keep right on the entrance and sweep out but keep within the lines before getting the power back on.

Bunga Bunga

A touch of brake before turning, and back on the power, feathering the throttle on the exit not to understeer off.

Port Froid

Sweep through Port Froid making sure that you stay left on the main track and not head down yesterdays track.


As you exit Port Froid it’s a tight right turn into Ushers and over the line.


Trackday Information

Originally a WW2 airfield Blyton Park was for many years used for the odd grasstrack event, but new owners have breathed new life into the circuit during 2011. New tarmac and plenty of grass and concrete run off have combined to produce a deceptively fast and technical circuit, which can challenge experienced drivers, yet also provide a fun and safe first time out experience for novices. 1.6miles long, the track is fairly flat, and a viewing bank allows for spectators to see the majority of the action.

There are no garages, but the owners have done their best to provide some creature comforts, with a large hangar in which open cars can get out of the bad weather in, and where people can work on cars in the dry should they have any problems. A friendly catering team is in attendance, who offer more than just the ubiquitous burgers and bacon butties. Hot and cold showers and plenty of space for you to pitch a tent complete the offering at the moment.

A new briefing suite and office was opened late in 2012 and the old amenities building was converted into a Clubhouse with a fully equipped Kitchen. There is also masses of space for cars and trailers and associated spectator cars.

The team who run the circuit are very experienced within the field of motorsport, and with their marshalls and medics provide an efficient and friendly service.

Directions: Blyton Park is approximately five miles North of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

The venue is one mile from Blyton village on the B1205 (Kirton Road) and approaching from Blyton the entrance is a mile from the village on the left hand side. There are big signs on both sides of two heavy steel gates and a derelict wartime brick shed next to the entrance. Go through the gates and follow the track past the grasstrack on your left. Keep going past a derelict farm and park by the big grain store (green) on your right. Please drive slowly and carefully and please do not go any further into the site than the grain store.

Do NOT use the postcode in your sat nav! Use the GPS co-ordinates aboveto save getting lost.


Closest Fuel Station

There is no fuel on site, but turn right out of the gate and head to Gainsborough (c.4 miles) for a Morrisons and a Tesco.

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