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    This Month: From Seeking A Seven To A Sevening Season • 40+ Year Love Affairs • Towing A Caterham With An EV • Speed Date • Driving The ‘Green Hell’ — Hopefully… • “Save Your Money For A Red Sports Car!” • Can You Camp In A Seven In Autumn? • And Much More
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    This Month: Castle Combe Autumn Classic • Introduction to Sprinting Day • Seven People: Simon Rogers • Small Three Pot Meets Big Three Pot • Super Seven Saturday • Docking All Over The World • The Tetbury Tours • Goodwood Revival 2023 • Speed Championship Reports • And Much More
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    This Month: Caterham Cars 50th Festival • Behind The Orange Army • Back-On-Track At Anglesey • Alternative Things To Do In Sorn Season… • London Concours Scores Again • “It’s Good To Talk” • Two Men And A Seven • Club Speed Championship Update • And Much More

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    A huge thanks to Caterham Cars for lending the Club a Seven 170 for the Intro to Sprinting event at Curborough last weekend.
    There were 23 novices signed up to the event at the weekend, with 10 choosing not to take their own Seven but to spend the day driving the Seven 170. 
    Hopefully many of the 23 have now been bitten by the sprinting bug and will want to join the Speed Championship.
    Here's a few shots of the 170 in action...


    This Month: 40th Anniversary Event Special • A Rare Treat at Bicester Heritage • “Whatever You Do, Don’t Crash” • What’s Going Down at Gurston • Hillclimbing at Harewood • CSR Rear Suspension Mounts • News and Events
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    This Month: Festival of Speed Special – EV Seven and Project V. • Cornish Sevens go High Flying • Fab Four Go To Isle Of Man • Brilliant Brands • Krazy Horses • On manoeuvres at Epynt • Lashing It Down At Loton • News And Events
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    Caterham's all-electric coupé concept car will first be shown in public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from Thursday 13th July.  The press release and photos are out now:
    Project V is a fully-electric coupé concept vehicle that draws on Caterham’s driver focussed DNA of lightness, simplicity and agility Created by Chief Designer, Anthony Jannarelly, and built by world-renowned Italdesign Engineering and manufacturing feasibility conducted during the development process – production model could arrive in late 2025 or early 2026 Powertrain uses a 200kW (272PS) rear-mounted electric motor with a 55kWh battery pack Target 0-62mph (100kph) in less than 4.5 seconds and WLTP range of 249 miles (400km) For more information, visit https://caterhamcars.com/en/models/projectv
    Dartford, Wednesday 12th July 2023 – Caterham has revealed Project V, a lightweight fully-electric coupé concept vehicle that has the potential to arrive in late 2025 or early 2026.
    Designed as an electric vehicle from the start, Project V is the creation of new Chief Designer, Anthony Jannarelly. His vision has been brought to life by world-renowned Italian engineering firm, Italdesign.
    Project V uses a battery electric powertrain, powered by a 200kW (272PS) single motor mounted in the rear axle. This is paired with a 55kWh USOC lithium-ion battery pack with advanced thermal management, and the ability to recharge from 20-80% in as little as 15 minutes using a 150kW DC rapid charger.
    With acceleration of 0-62mph (100kph) in less than 4.5 seconds, Project V will reach an estimated top speed of 143mph (230kph) and deliver a target WLTP range of 249 miles (400km).
    The minimalist design philosophy means Project V, just like the Seven, is lightweight and simple. Caterham has targeted a kerb weight of 1,190kg (2+1 configuration) which will be achieved by using an innovative carbon fibre and aluminium composite chassis.
    Bob Laishley, CEO of Caterham Cars Ltd and COO of the newly established Caterham EVo, said: “Project V is not just a concept or design study, we’ve conducted engineering and production feasibility throughout the development process.
    “An electric Caterham of any shape and size has to stay true to what sets us apart from everyone else: being lightweight, simple and offering an unparalleled driving experience; that’s our DNA.”
    He added: “Project V fulfils our ambition to sustainably grow the company and explore electrification simultaneously. Subject to the next phases of development and technical capability, Project V could be brought to market towards the end of 2025 or early 2026 with a target price starting from less than £80,000.”
    Anthony Jannarelly, Chief Designer for Project V, added: “A Caterham Seven’s design is simple and minimalist, it’s designed for its intended function, to be lightweight and fun to drive. With Project V, we’re applying this philosophy to the sports coupé architecture to create a seducing and timeless silhouette. Every single feature has to justify itself from a weight perspective to maintain lightness and optimise driver engagement.”
    The Project V show car uses a 2+1 seating layout – 2+2 as optional – which optimises ingress and egress, provides more comfort for the rear seat passenger and offers greater flexibility in how a prospective owner may use the car. At the centre of the interior is a simple, driver-focussed infotainment system featuring smartphone mirroring, and a digital instrument cluster is used to display key information. Drivers can choose between Normal, Sport and Sprint driving modes that intelligently adjust the acceleration and steering for different environments.
    The concept features double wishbone front and rear suspension with fully adjustable geometry, electrically assisted power steering, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres (19” front and 20” rear), and brake discs all-round with high-performance calipers.
    Andrea Porta, Business Development Manager at Italdesign, said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Caterham and Anthony Jannarelly to bring Project V to life. At every step, we have applied our experience in producing commercially viable concept and prototype vehicles, to ensure that any future production version can be brought to market at pace.”
    Laishley continued: “Project V isn’t instead of Seven, it’s complimentary to it, and we believe that by retaining the core Caterham values, it will appeal to both our existing customer base and attract new fans to the brand.
    “By using a more practical coupé body style and by exploiting the packaging benefits of an EV, this is a car that works as well for trips to the shops, or the school run, as it does for Sunday morning sprints.”
    Kazuho Takahashi, President and CEO of VT Holdings, said: “We are honoured to be able to unveil two new vehicles from Caterham at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The new models are a result of an uncompromising fusion of two seemingly contradictory requirements: retaining the Caterham values that must never change, while evolving to meet the changing demands of customers, such as the shift towards electric. We express our deepest gratitude to all those involved in this project and to everyone who has supported Caterham over the past 50 years.”
    The Project V show car will make its public debut tomorrow (Thursday) on the Caterham stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed.
    To support the aspirations of this venture, Caterham EVo has been established to handle all relevant business and investment interests related to Project V.

    Project V Concept Specification
    Powertrain: BEV, RWD with single rear-mounted permanent synchronous nominal 400V e-motor
    Battery: Li-ion, 55kWh USOC with advanced thermal management
    Dimensions : ~(L: 4,255mm, W: 1,893mm, H: 1,226mm)
    Wheelbase : ~2,581mm
    Max Power : ~200kW / 268bhp / 272PS
    0-62mph (100kph): <4.5 seconds
    Top Speed: ~143mph / 230kph
    Target Mass: <1190kg DIN mass (2+1 configuration)
    Target WLTP Range: ~249 miles / 400km
    Target Peak Charge Rate: 20-80% SOC in 15 minutes (150kW DC charger)
    Construction Type: Innovative carbon fibre and aluminium composite chassis with composite bodywork
    Suspension: Double wishbone (front and rear)
    Tyres: 235/35/R19 (front), 285/30/R20 (rear)
    Target Start Price: <£80,000 (UK market)

    This Month: The Big Picnic • Dealing With Style • The Greatest Escape • Sun, Sea & Sevens • A Day of Thrills on Two Continents • The Real Grand Tour • Performing at Prescott • Registration Aggravation • Keeping It Cool • News and Events
    Lowflying is currently with the printers and should be sent out towards members around 8th July.

    Caterham will reveal its new concept, Project V, on 12th July 2023 Project V is the creation of Chief Designer, Anthony Jannarelly Concept to be built by world-renowned Italdesign The fully-electric sports coupé will make its public debut, on the Caterham stand, at Goodwood Festival of Speed For the latest Project V announcements, visit https://caterhamcars.com/en/models/projectv  
    Dartford, Wednesday 21st June 2023 – Caterham will unveil its new coupé concept car, Project V, on Wednesday 12th July 2023.
    The fully-electric model will showcase a completely new design language for the British sports car brand as it looks to the near-future.
    Project V is the creation of Chief Designer, Anthony Jannarelly.
    While this new concept may be a visual departure from the existing Seven range, Caterham remains committed to its core values of lightness, simplicity and a driver focused experience.
    The company has partnered with renowned engineering and design firm, Italdesign, to bring that vision to life, manufacturing the show car at its Turin headquarters in Italy.
    The Project V show car will make its public debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed where it will be unveiled on the Caterham stand.
    To keep up to date on the latest Project V announcements, further details will be shared at https://caterhamcars.com/en/models/projectv and via the Caterham social media channels.

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