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  • Prostate Cancer Research. Transforming research, transforming lives.

    Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed male cancer in the UK, with an average of 130 people diagnosed every day. Globally, an average of 1.3 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Caught early, prostate cancer is treatable and unlikely to cause problems - most men die with prostate cancer rather than from prostate cancer.

    However, it is when prostate cancer spreads that it becomes significantly more dangerous and effective treatments are needed.  The way prostate cancer is currently treated brings physical and mental side-effects.  The disease cuts too many lives short and steals away precious time.  The unfortunate truth is that over 13,000 men died from prostate cancer in the UK in 2018, and this number is predicted to increase by 59% to 20,922 in 2035. Yet funding for prostate cancer, particularly advanced stage, is limited and decreasing. Between 2016/17 and 2017/18 there was a 13.5% decrease in money spent on prostate cancer in the UK, and prostate cancer receives only 8% of the funding spent on specific cancer sites. Patients urgently need breakthrough treatments, and research is the only way to turn this hope into a reality.

    That is where Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) takes pole position on the track to improving patient’s lives. We focus on funding research into new treatments and gaining a deeper scientific understanding of the disease, particularly on the cancer’s more advanced stages – where there is no cure. PCR exists to add years to life, and life to years for patients and families. Our aim finish line is a future where people are free from the impact of prostate cancer, and we won’t rest until we achieve this.

    When you think about it, racing and medical research offer a few similarities.  Nigel Mansell’s personal assessment was absolutely relevant to PCR when he said, ‘I think life is full of challenges…It's not a bed of roses, and you have to work real hard at it’.  We also believe that to perform at your best takes skill, passion, commitment, innovative ideas, considered investment and funding. Both on and off the track, there are obstacles and challenges, and a successful team must overcome these to succeed.  PCR’s skills and experiences are as focused as a successful racing team – our ultimate goal is winning the race to save and improve lives.

    PCR funds innovative scientists with bold and exciting ideas and who work collaboratively to achieve results.  We fund projects that fill gaps in scientific knowledge, with, so they have an targeted impact on the entire medical research field. Our world-class scientists are dedicated to creating innovative brand new treatments with the potential to reduce the side-effects, dramatically cut the cost of treatment and, ultimately, to change the outcome for whole families men. We know that we can make a real difference to the lives of people affected by prostate cancer.

    The patients’ voice is at the heart of our work. We put prioritise understanding the needs and wishes perspectives of patients and their families first, and involve them directly in our decision-making. This guarantees that our research is relevant to those to whom it matters most. If we act now, the next generation of men won’t have to fear a prostate cancer diagnosis.

    This is where we need your help: our fundraisers are the beating heart of our charity and we could not continue our vital work without their support. We are a small charity with big ambition, consistently increasing the number of projects we fund to help patients sooner. Currently we fund 11 research projects, but are determined to fund over 20 by 2022. By fundraising for PCR, you can help us to achieve this vision and ensure that we can continue to finance innovative research, support talented scientists who can with the vision to change the future, and help deliver breakthrough medicines and treatments.

    We would love to welcome you all to #TeamPCR, and work together to fund the research that will ultimately save and improve lives. The Caterham and Lotus Seven Club can With the flexibility to decide where your fundraising goes, such as supporting a specific project, you can makeing a real difference to the lives of people with prostate cancer.

    On behalf of PCR’s scientists and patient supporters, we would like to thank you for considering our vital and essential cause.

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