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About the Venue



Llandow Circuit , Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, CF71 7PB




The start is located as you would enter the track from the paddock. One of the least grippy starts all season.

Bus Stop

You’re just getting going so try to be as smooth as possible taking as much kerb as you dare.  The second time round you’ll find that you will try and carry too much apex speed.  Slow and neat is Fast!  Use the kerbs! No tyre squeeling.

Devils Elbow

This is a very technical corner which tries do draw you in early. The first time around you will need to go deep on the brakes and slow more than usual turning the car on its nose whilst still on the brakes. It will be understeer without this trick. 2nd time  will be fine.

Nook Bend

Very fast! - put 2 wheels over the outer white line before turning in early - you must get to the apex or all is lost!

Chicane / Jacks Curve   

Go as straight as you can and ride the kerbs - hang on and turn as soon as you land out of the chicane.

Glue Pot

Another fast corner - your tyres will be warm by now.  Take the racing line but again make sure you get to the apex.


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