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O/T Interesting but useless fact


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Did you know more beavers are killed by falling trees than by any other means (well I never). What interesting but totally useless fact can you drag up from the depths? 😬




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Taken from t'web.....


Myth: Celery is negative calories.


Truth: It is true that celery has almost no calories. A medium stalk contains all of 6 calories. It’s also pretty good for you in that a large stalk has about a gram of fiber and is high in calcium and trace minerals. Interestingly, celery is also fairly high in sodium for a vegetable at 50 mg for a large stalk.


The theory that many people put forward is that your body uses more than 6 calories chewing and digesting the celery. There are actually books written about this but, unfortunately, there’s no research to support the claim.


The body uses between 10 and 15% of the calories you consume for the total process of digestion. In someone consuming 1,500 calories per day that’s 225 calories in 24 hours. It takes the same 225 calories for digestion whether you eat 1,500 calories per day in celery or in bread. The difference is that you would have to eat 250 stalks of celery per day to eat 1,500 calories as opposed to about 15 slices of bread.


Here’s how celery can help people lose weight. It tastes good, it takes time to chew, it’s filling and it’s low in calories.

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A standard 47mm sewing needle (with thread attached) will pass through the entire gut of a two year old female cat, exiting its 🙆🏻 in approx. 8 hours causing no damage whatsoever *eek*


We had a sleepless night though ☹️ & daughter will be more careful in future *thumbup*

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mens nipples are 9inches apart. if their not then your over weight


As should a womans be 😳 (runs for cover). One of the traditional vital statistic measurements of prospective female models was that they should be 9 inches apart. There postion in relation to a certain spot at the base of the neck was used (can't remember where exactly), but it was known as the nine inch triangle. *wink*

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Mmm.. interesting and little know fact.. Cats love the taste of earwax... I discovered this quite by accident around 15 years ago. Try it and see. A friend who is an analytical chemist tried it on his cats and is now determined to isolate whatever fraction is attractive to them and use it as an alternative to catnip.


Oily (and waxy)


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