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I use these, with Halo DRL which is also an indicator too.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Regarding the Cafe Racer model, does the headlamp housing need modifying at all, or is it just a case of swapping the light units?

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I also bought some Original Cafe Racer ones. Seem well made and E marked.  If you are fitting them to the original headlight bowls then I assume you could use the spring clips although they may need shortening.  10 times cheaper than the Caterham ones and considerably cheaper than the JAL units.  Would be interested to compare the light pattern between the two.  


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Fitting the original cafe racer ones on my car didn't have to modify the headlight bowls or rim at all. Just watch out for flying spring clips.......

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Looks like the 'Original Cafe Racer' are offering a 10% discount today. 


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I've had that a few times I've gone to the website.  I suspect it detects cookies or IP address if your a new visitor/ different device.  

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Always hold legs of W-clips with long nose pliers ... and wear safety glasses just in case.

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Another happy user of the Gemzoe bulbs here. Really simple straight swap.  (I appreciate you're looking for the whole unit but may be of interest to others)

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Update: I have fitted new LED inserts from Classic and Sevens:


Installation was straight forward and they fit within the original 7" Chrome bowls on my 1999 Roadsport. Unlike the Cafe Racer options, these do not protrude beyond the chrome bezel, although the lamp glass is more domed than the original Wipac lenses. 

The Halo ring can be used as DRL - either in yellow (as pictured) or white if you reverse the sidelight connections. I have since swapped to the white as I prefer it. Dipped and Main are brighter and (hopefully) more focused than the LED bulbs I was using before. The units are e-marked and Andy at Classics and Sevens assured me they are MOT compliant. My car is being MOT'd on Friday… 

The only issue I encountered was the need to replace my headlamp relay, as the old one (circa 1999?) got stuck during the change over. I also wore out the original headlamp rocker switch while testing, so a new one was sourced as well.

Thanks to Derek and Jonathan for the information and trouble-shooting assistance. This elastic-trickery stuff is not my area of expertise.   



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Just about to fit my cafe racer lights and the unit is loads thicker than the original light bowl.

Do the clips need shortening or just a case of brut force? (With the original bowls the clips take a bit of effort to get in!!)