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Type 9 Gearbox problems


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That's the one. It's tricky to get it out, requiring a cut down allen key or similar method. It can seem like it will never go back in but patience and a methodical approach does work. The oil can then be sucked out with a pump or oil syringe (which didn't work for me). I did use the Sealey oil syringe as a sort of funnel, to refill it from above. 

I believe you can take the top plate off to do it, although I haven't. There's info available with a search. 

I have a cut down Allen key, which you are welcome to borrow, if you are anywhere near Guildford. 



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At 6'1" I have largeish hands and never felt the need to drill a hole in the tunnel. Cut down allen key with a bit of tube slipped over for extra leverage / get knuckles away from danger.

I also have a very old castrol gear oil bottle where there is a tube that extends down into the bottom of the bottle. Holding the bottle upright, squeezing it forces oil upwards.

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#10 .... But if using a ratchet ring spanner, check the hex piece is short enough to be able to unscrew the plug all the way, otherwise you will end up with it jammed against the tunnel side or chassis with no way to screw it back in. Unless you have a switch  reversible ratchet spanner !!

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My car is imperial K series and a chassis member prevents making hole to access gearbox plug. I think it depends on chassis type and engine fitted as some configurations have engine (and gearbox) in a slightly different position.

LADS Top Tip.  Its best to use an oil can with a bit of plastic tube attached for topping up,oil.F30341FA-B01C-47D7-8A10-46C0F38379E5.thumb.jpeg.00f46c45c595901febde68e2b9c7bc96.jpeg

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Pretty similar to the 6 speed. Biggest problem is removing the filler plug with the restricted space to the adjacent panel. Check if someone has made an access hole. I use a stub of hex key with a ratchet spanner that can be reversed with a little lever

The wonderful Alcester Racing Sevens notes were on the Wayback Machine but now I can't find them...


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