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Stuffed Squirrel


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Colin (the seller of the squirrel above) is one of life's fantastic characters (I suppose you have to be a bit different to stuff animals!) - I'm sure he'll have a selection of stuffed roadkill you could add to the tree. Ask him if he still has the emu in his deep freeze - quite a story attached to it!


Solent Se7ens Web!


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Looks like Grubster has provided the solution!

POBC indeed.

For the record, the reply I got was:

There's a taxidermists shop in N1 (near Old St, I think) called Get Stuffed.


eBay is best bet though. These things aren't really produced anymore and are regarded as sought-after Victoriana so proper auction houses or online dealers might charge a hefty sum for them. Ebay will doubtless be cheaper -the majority of my bits and pieces have come via eBay.



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