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Plastic Bolts for Wings...


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I'm racing this year and don't want to have the hassle of repairing ripped out riv-nuts and body work when (not if!) i lose a rear wing.


Can anybody recommended a suitably 'snappable' plastic bolt supplier ?

I've heard another good idea is to under-cut the bolt head with a stanley knife to create a stress-raiser - any thoughts ?


Cheers all - Will

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Hi !


I have put together a complete kit of rear wing fasteners.


Using Polyamid bolts when attaching the rear wings makes sure that these shear upon contact, instead of pulling the rivnuts and the surrounding aliminium skin out.


Now, to give you moe versatility when fitting the wings to your liking, how about this:

- 15 Polyamid M5 bolts of sufficient length (M5 x 20 or 25) (4-5 used to attach one wing)

- 20 stainless steel 5 x 30 load-spreading washers

- 15 stainless steel self-locking nuts, M5

- 10 RivTi-flex neoprene self 'clamping 'rivnuts', vibration absorbing, stainless steel thread portion, as seen here: here


This way, one can

- use the original M5 rivnuts already in place using Poly bolts

- drill 5mm holes, and use Poly bolts, load-spreading washers and stainless self-locking nuts

- slightly enlarge previous rivnut holes (if needed) and use RivTi-flex, no need for special tools and reducing transmition of vibrations, no corrosion, tracelessly removeable

- a mix of above options (RivTi-flex in inaccessible areas, washers in accessible places)


Picture of the kit: here


All this, including postage, for 9 quid.

Payment through PayPal, for example.


Sounds OK ?

If you want to go ahead, please get in touch by direct e-mail to: KT(at)Kay-Tee.de


Regards - Karsten


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Another vote for Karsten, this kit works well even in my car, where the sides are scarred by ripped out rivnuts. Yes, you can DIY but the little rubber shrouded nut things that he includes in the kit are not easily available. They are much better than rivnuts and you get a nice solid fixing. You don't need a tool to fit them, they fit irregular holes, and if you ever rip them out there is no (or less) damage to the panel. One word of caution - do be careful not to overtighten the nylon bolts, they are only nylon, and the fact that you can hang a wing on 2 selftappers does not mean that the nylon bolts will be as good. Take your time and use plenty of the fixing holes. If you are lucky enough to have a car with unscarred skins, so much the better. You have more chance to hang the wing on several bolts, which helps get a good fit.
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*Mine* are Polyamid, not poxy Nylon *wink*



Wonder where they got the idea from *cool*

I proposed the use of Poly bolts to Caterham's Tech Dept quite some time before a certain someone went and started a seperate business.

Now, what does interest me: what exactly does their kit consist of ?


I could be tempted to throw-in POP Rivet stickers, afterall, that's what holds it all together 😬


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Kay - Tee for your information plastic wing bolts were used on the factory race cars when the race series started in 88, and were fitted by most of us racing back in though days. Also I believe James Whiting has been suppling those kits for quite some when did you submit the idea to the factory as I do not remember you talking to me.
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Hello, Len !


Thanks for clearing this up.

I wonder why these haven't been offered to road/track day users ? Well, repairs are a business, too.


Either way, I have no idea when I sent that e-mail to CC. It must have been three or four years ago.

I just checked, my Paypal account has been active since 09.2001, it must've been about then that the idea of the kit was developed on the Se7ens listc *smile* Before then a few people received just the Poly bolts upon request.

Who was first or not doesn't matter to me, you can have the Laurels if you wish. What matters to me is that fellow Se7eners can use their cars as designed without fearing massive repair bills upon light contact with cones or similar.


Regards - Karsten

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Don't use all the bolts. You may still get ripped rivnuts. I used 4 in each rear wing and had no probs with them staying on.

Another option is industrial velcro... works very well.


Hants (North) and Berkshire Area club site here

My racing info site






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