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Harewood Hillclimb a very odd day.


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I would like to say a surprised thank you to my fellow competitors  for the enthusiastic congratulations given when I  finally manage to string a quick time together today, and then again for their reaction when it was disallowed and purged from the record due to the unfortunate accident which closed the meeting, (my best wishes to that competitor and hopefully minor injuries from a very heavy accident.) I would also thank Tony my arch rival who on getting within a few tenths of my previous time, generously shows me his in car video, which with Dan Malkins previous evenings coaching , shows me that I,m doing it all wrong and allows me to go a second faster!!! A fine example of the spirit of competition that  Tony  is renowned  for , Many thanks  to all ,and be assured this example may encourage me to shed my Dick Dastardly persona !! And become a more upright member of our society. (Maybe!!)

Philip (Dastardly) Matchwick.

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  • Leadership Team


You have convinced us all (and I hope yourself) that you are the man to beat, well done. I look forward to chasing your times from now on,


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It was and will remain a truly great run Phil and a truly well deserved victory whatever occurred following the run.

However - Coaching for Tony will now be issued with a non-disclosure agreement!

I look forward to Curborough where we now expect more of the same!

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I cant let this one go without comment.

It was a fantastic run and should I think serve  as  lesson to us all of the dangerous law  of unexpected consequences. 

When I volunteered to share my video with Phil I could have had no idea of the disastrous results. (it never crossed my mind that my vid would do anything but slow him down or make him laugh)

Never ever ever again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

However hope springs eternal and I will be back at Curbs with secret video and a great determination to catch up *driving* 

As for the spirit of the thing, forget it, gloves off anything goes from now on.

No more Mr Nice  *getmecoat*

But, sort of seriously.

Well done Phil, really couldn't be more pleased for you!!

Your one time arch rival

Tony Dastardly from now on!!!


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Aside from sharing our general concern for the health of the competitor that crashed, I had rather mixed emotions on hearing the event was cancelled. Having shown spectacular ineptitude by spinning 3 times in succession at the same kink and ending up to varying degrees in the same gravel trap, I am rather pleased that the event is expunged from club history from a selfish perspective *woohoo*

However, Charlotte had smashed her previous record and was clearly ahead in our 'in car battle', and with the rain, she would have ended up the winner if we had carried on - a first! On that front I am rather sad that it was canceled .. *whistle*

Well done to all who broke their records, even if they do not count..

Jon (the lucky) 

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Had it not been for a prior commitment at Croft I would have popped down to Harewood , as it is a venue I enjoy very much. So what on earth happened? The Harewood website refers to structural damage to an adjacent building , which can only be the farmhouse, or one of its outbuildings  ....

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John - I only saw / heard the aftermath but a Wolesly Hornet (of all things) some how went straight ahead  into the recticel barriers on the left hand side going through farmhouse, bounced off onto the otherside.  Not sure which wall was in such a way as make it unsafe.

Not heard about the driver - hope all well.

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Looks like I am adding my hearty congratulations on a stunning first run from what is increasingly my normal place towards the back of the pack.

Anyway a fine reward for all the time and effort you have put in over the past few years just a shame that it will be expurged from any official recognition although the response on here amply reflects the genuine recognition of your competitors.

Goodwood 2010 remains etched in my memory as I suspect Sundays outcome will for you.

So if you can't beat them ........... wheres the nearest eligibility scrutineer???





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In Class 5 both myself and Mike beat the class record in practice but Mike went another step further and managed a 61.10, his previous best and class record was 62.63. All for nothing sadly....

Saw the unfortunate car on a flat-bed in the trailer park, engine shoved right back into the bulkhead, but the main cell and cage looked to be in good shape and no broken windows although the driver's door was missing. Fingers crossed that the driver is ok.

As you'll see from the photo below the corner of the building has been substantially damaged. Not surprising the meeting was subsequently cancelled.



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  • Area Representative

Hi Phil,

'a little late to the party here after a couple of long days at work :-(

It was a great run! Our sector times were very closely matched. Now, If only I could have matched your 64' time.....

'see you at Curborough!

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