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Anyone have a Proper Popper Fitting tool? SORTED


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Does anyone have a proper popper installation tool that i can beg or borrow for a couple of days rather than the cup and anvil thingy Caterham provide?.

Happy to pay postage and give a donation to dementia appeal.


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The proper tool for this is the Pres-N-Snap but they are rather pricey at c£180 each so not really the sort of thing many of us would buy for occasional use.  There is a crimping tool offered by ScottR400D in the 'equipment for loan register' for poppers which could be what you need. 

Just a suggestion but given the cost of the genuine article I do wonder if the club could buy one for loan via the same register.  Having used one (not mine sadly) I can vouch for the fact that it's easily the most reliable and effective means of fitting hood and boot cover poppers.  


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Actually the one I have is the Press n Snap. It was expensive but does work well. 

Unfortunately I don’t have it at the moment it’s with another member, from my local region. I’m not sure when he’ll be finished with it, but do know he’s away skiing just now. 

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Its the Press and Snap one that I've seen Oxted use, so simple and effective .  Wish we had one !

I have found a company, J Clarke Marine who hire one out for £25 for 2 weeks. (plus a deposit of £189.......)


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