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premier power


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I'm just contemplating the Premier Power upgrade of ultralight flywheel and clutch.  Stuart recommends this and it sounds promising.  I've got a 2008 Sigma 150bhp SV.

Anyone got any direct experience of this option?  I'd welcome any feedback.

Any views on the full 150 to 175 upgrade also welcomed?  Although £8k is a bit steep for me.



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I did the 150 to 175.  As I built my car the thought of swapping never entered the equation, the extra weight of the Duratec  over the Sigma needs taking into consideration.  Stuart also gives the engine a good health check along with very good quality components and a set up on a rolling road and backs it up should any problem arise.

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Hi Peter

I recently had the ultralight flywheel and clutch from Premier Power fitted in my 2013 Sigma 125bhp.  Makes the car much more responsive when accelerating, feels like more power even though I know its the same. Gear shift for me is also a lot smoother.  Stuart at Premier also a real pleasure to deal with.  Happy to answer any questions.

Cheers Nick.

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.......and another thing which you can't price for is warranty support. I had a problem with my F175 and Stuart sorted it without question, immediately...even though I do live in Scotland.

1,100 miles done in the last week over to Belgium in some serious temperatures and the car went extremely well and didn't use a drop of oil. 0.5L per thousand miles before the upgrade circa 6,000 miles ago.

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