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Wiper motor and spindle removal.


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I have a Brooklands screen on my car but still have the wiper motor assembly and spindles.

I'm thinking of removing them. 

Can I do this without removing the dash? Just get to it from the passenger football?

[2] Does anyone know if I will be left with oval or round holes in the scuttle?

It's a 1996 car.

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Thank you Jonathan, 

That's very detailed. 

I found another article that implies some cars had round holes and others oval, so I'd like to know if this depends on the age of the car or possibly a difference  in the components fitted.

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and if you decide to fit the windscreen , the side screen and the hood half or not for traveling , you will regret it at the end ....  A diet will help you to loose 2 kg with the same result ....  You can also buy low weight wheels and tyre ... 

Sorry for this different point of view . 

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Here is a pick of it in situ that I took during my strip down (1999 car). I reckon it would be a massive PITA (if not impossible) to get out without removing the scuttle:



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Just an FYI, you may also find that the tube is zip tied to the wiring loom at various points along it's length.  I removed my dash / wiring / wiper motor as one.  Hopefully this pic shows what I mean:


I also had oval holes in my old scuttle and round ones in the new scuttle...

Good luck!

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#11 I guess you only use on track? Nothing worse than a 'Brooklands' or aero screen on the road IMO and E. 

Much preferable for me to have both a proper screen and aero and swap between as needed. 

I wouldn't make any hard to reverse changes until you're 100% sure. 

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#13 JP

Good information,  thank you.

#14 ScottR400D

Road use only.

I've had the car 2 years and my previous car with an aeroscreen for 11.

I don't like the buffering you get with a windscreen personally unless you have the doors on.

I prefer no screen with ½ doors.

"Each to their own"

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I rather like the look of the Brooklands screens and I have been considering ditching the windscreen for some time, but do you end up having to wear a lid whenever you drive if you have Brooklands?  Not sure I want that for me or my passengers...

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Bit late to this one - sorry

I have a 1992 car with brooklands and removed the wiper motor some time ago.

Oval/Lozenge shaped holes in scuttle

Dropped spindles down through holes and then managed to pull the whole assembly through without removing the scuttle once disconnecting the wiper motor from its cradle- need to do it slowly push/pulling it away from the wiring as it gets caught but it came out reasonably OK - certainly have had fiddlier jobs.

I agree with previous comment - you'll be surprised how heavy the motor is 

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I wear wrap around cycling glasses or goggles for "gentle" short journeys but an open face helmet with a bubble visor for any longer trips. 

I don't want stones or even insects at speed in my face.

It also protects the ears from noise and buffering.

I have a Brooklands screen with 1/2  doors.

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