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CSR Right Indicator Issue


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Morning everyone,

Long time lurker first time poster. 

I inherited a 2005 CSR 200 from my late father and unfortunately after a year of ownership someone reversed into me at a set of lights. The car was repaired at Caterham Gatwick and only took it out for its first drive last weekend but the right hand indicator isn't working, well, sometimes it will and sometimes it wont. Ive checked the hazard switch and the side repeater doesn't work but the front light does. But I've got nothing at all when using the stalk. 

Left indicator works without a problem using the stalk and/or the hazard switch. 

Any ideas?

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Thanks for the reply John. A wiring diagram would be useful to have in any event thanks.

The front and rear indicators are led ones from JAL and I have to confess it turned out to be the aide repeater bulb had blown (filament type). I wasn't expecting the whole side to stop workong though, I was expecting it to flash faster as normal, but I suppose because of the led ones and associated relay it just cuts the circuit for them instead. 

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On the assumption that the CSR wiring is the same as the SV et al the wiring diagram will show that the power travels through the hazards switch. Which is prone to poor contacts with age, rain and lack of use. A very good squirt of contact cleaner top and bottom and many switch activations (on, off, on, off, on, off, repeat to twenty cycles) clears it for me. 

If that doesn't work, repeat until bored then pry the switch out and apply emery paper (or equivalent) to prongs, reinstall and try again. 

This is part of hibernation waking routine here. 

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Thanks for the additional replies gents. 
It has indeed been fixed. Turns out it was the side repeater bulb at fault. 
Being a fairly new relationship with the car I'm not familiar with its "quirks" yet. I'm sure that will come with time and various questions asked on here (after using the search function of course). 

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