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K Series wasted spark setup

Chris Norman

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Thanks, seems like a sensible way to go. From what I can see I need the two coils packs and two additional HT leads which sit in place of the current HT leads. Delete distributor and single coil. New coil packs then take signals from ECU.

Other than any reconfiguration with the Emerald is it that straight forward?

Advice gratefully received.

Thank you*thumbup*

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The EU3 setup is much less pone to water ingress and consequent HT misfires as it has an all encompassing cover.

You will need an extra coil driver wire from the Emerald to the second coil, the power can be bridged from the first coil.

Just make the change to twin coil in the Emerald config file, the existing coil driver will fire 1/4 , the new driver wire will fire 2/3.



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Seeing as eu2 engines are getting scarce has anyone swapped a standard Ecu eu2 engine to eu3 engine and ecu setup?


Is it simply remove engine, associated loom and  ecu and then replace with an eu3 setup? Or is there a lot more to it.




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In principle is should be a straight swap as you describe, assuming that the EU3 engine is already in Caterham configuration (if it's and unmodified MG Rover engine you will have to do the usual conversions of grinding the block to fit the starter, installing a Ford spigot bearing and sleeve and swapping the water rail, sump, baffle and oil pickup across from your EU2 engine). All of the external pipe, cable and electrical connections should fit once you swap the engine loom. The main vehicle looms were identical and the same plugs were used between the engine and vehicle looms so it should be plug and play. You should also swap the MFRU (relay unit for the ECU) as EU3 and EU3 ones were slightly differently wired inside.
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Thanks all this very helpful! Converting to EU3 requires replacement cam cover but a "stand alone" coil pack would work with the current cover, so I think I will look to a standalone coil pack (Dave - hear what you are saying about water ingress though).

Question is which standalone coil pack?


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