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Alloy nose cone where to find one ?


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As far I know few cars have been sold by factory with alloy nose cone and wings I would like to purchase at least a nose cone but factory didn't sell them anymore.


Do you konw where I can find one ?


Andy Wiltshire can't start to manufacture it before 8 months so I search an alternative manufacturer or a second hand one


Thanks for your help 😶‍🌫️

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Thanks for answers, 😶‍🌫️


- PM sent to metal mickey

- Email sent to Roach...but I'm worry about price when you have a look on cars on website *eek*


I make a mistake about Andy Wiltshire. He is not booked for 8 months..but 18 months 😳


MPH motor panels seem to be experienced in Lotus/Caterham seven alloy nose and wings...I wait an answer from them


CC just say We do not supply anymore and didn't give me supplier name.


Does anyone remember price of these parts when sold by CC ?

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hi all

message from andy whiltshire


Hello Dave,


 I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I was previously a member of the Lotus 7 Club. Re, the ongoing thread regarding the aluminium nose cone, Mickricks nose and wings were made by a colleague Geoff Moss, at MPH Motor Panels in Cornwall. I was too busy and put the job his way.


 Could you please make your fellow members aware that if they are considering buying an aluminium nose cone, it does need to be made with the car present, to ensure that it fits correctly. If a second hand one is bought or it is made without the car being present, it will not fit! 


 This also applies to the rear wings if the rubber beaded strip (normally between the bodywork and wings, and there only to fill the gaps left by the poor panel fit) is to be left out.


                            Many Thanks,

                            Andy Wiltshire

                            Axminster Specialist Panels


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