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Paint for grill


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I used Halfords spray paint (did the "7" in silver and the rest in matte black). Make sure you sand the surface well (it's steel) and then use primer (also spray). I put a couple of coats and so far it has held up well (1 yr).
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Need to do this as well, as a year of driving in all weathers has removed the grey 'paint' in places and it looks naff. Was going to go the sanding, zinc oxide primer and satin black route. I'm sure that'll do the job!





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I have just done this to mine, rubbed it down first then used a couple of coats of Hammerite that I got from Halfrauds. Smooth Black for the grill and Smooth Yellow for the 7. Mine is a yellow car so it matches well, they do have other colours (Red/Green/Blue I think) so it would depend on the colour of you car.


Looks good so far, but it hasn't much of an airing yet.





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My grill was plastic coated which was a bugger to get off. I powdercoated it satin black and found a yellow Humbrol enamel paint in an aerosol for the 7 that matched well.






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