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X/Flow Engine Oil


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No problems with synthetic. We used to run all of our X/Flows on Mobil 1 from the late 1980s. I confess that I can't remember the grade, but 5W/50 comes to mind.

There are a lot of myths about synthetics including oil leaks and failure to run-in, but most of them are either groundless or only apply in a very few specific cases. However, you'd be advised to make sure your engine is flushed first by running with some fresh ordinary oil to try and remove any sludge. You can get flushing oils, but I've never used any so can't comment on them; they may be fine if used as per instructions.

It's more a question of the engine's previous history. Unless your engine is extremely old (several decades), it is highly unlikely to have seals made of a material that would be affected by synthetics and it is presumably fully run-in by now. So it comes down to the question of "is it worth the cost?" and I would say that this depends on the condition of your engine. If it is heavily worn, I'd say no, but if in good condition yes. 

I am aware that Mobil now do versions claiming to be suited to higher mileage engines but I've never had any experience of them.

What I can say is that engines run on synthetic from new are always much cleaner inside, with less sludge and much less charring on the underside of the pistons (which is just about the hottest part of an engine).

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Without going stupid with the plastic money  and given that most modern oils have reduced zinc content and Crossflows need zinc to improve the cam and rocker lubrication I have been persuaded that Valvoline VR1 20w50 is as good as it gets.

You may hear recommendations re additives and there are many versions of snake oil out there but ZDDP will improve to zinc content of the modernised multigrade.

Ive tried 10w40 and feel that it is just a bit too thin for my crossflow with extra carry into the catch tank when given a good thrashing.

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