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High Level Brake Light


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Can I ask if anyone else has this type of brake light fitted. 

I am in a quandary as to whether to change it or not. I'm in the process of ordering LED lights from JAL and I'm wondering whether I should keep this or go for one of their smaller 'race' high level brake lights.

The reason for considering a change is this unit takes up a lot of real estate on the roll-bar limiting where I can position the Go Pro and it also makes fitting the hood more problematic. I've never driven with the hood on (I'm a relatively new owner) but I would like to get a SBFS half hood and I'm concerned this wouldn't fit properly either. 

If anyone has one and can confirm a half hood would still fit ok it would help my decision because otherwise it's a relatively nice unit


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Fitted mine by making up a Tee bracket that mounts onto the 2 popper points (popper are still retained so Tonneau can be fitted).  Very easy to route wires up and around the boot cover without cutting any holes.  Does not interfere with anything and is visible with Half Hood fitted.  Vertical height is the same as you will find on Boxter or MX5 so well in "eye line" of following drivers.


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Mount it below the rollbar-horizontal with silicon bead and/or tie wraps and it will allow the half hood to fit with ease.
This way will also stop having to obscure what little rear visibility we have backwards between the seats that some of the lower fixing options like the JAL solution can be prone to do IMHO.

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Hearing all the good advice, I picked one up on ebay super bright and about half the width and depth of yours I love the mounting position as it is as high as possible, and neat, and my narrower version leaves a lot of real estate for go pro.

But agree with hood on its obscured at the one time when you need it most, in dull dreary wet conditions catch 22.

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Interesting. I bought one (same as #7) to fit but never yet did the deed because it interferes with camera mounting of both GoPros (not a huge issue because I fit several of these elsewhere) and my Canon DSLR which I sometimes use... typing this it strikes me a Velcro solution might work, since when I use the big cam there's rarely any following traffic, and if there is the DSLR is pointing at it.

Velcro : maybe a second strip on the rear of the ReBag.

The PGM offering I will look at as their engineering I have seen (DS CRA) looks nice, if twice the price. 


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