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Changing a fixed steering wheel to QR wheel?


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Is it possible?

If so, what is involved? 

Europe mandates a fix steering wheel on Seven, but I would rather like to change it for a QR wheel for ease of entry once I have had the car approved & re-registered. Also could it be changed back at MOT time? 

My research continues. PB 

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Yes, relatively easy job.  You'll need to get a new upper steering column fitted with a quick release boss and then it's a direct swap to and fro between fixed and QR.  Think you might need to play with the relative positions of the lower UJ near the rack so that the wheels are straight when the steering wheel is straight but other than that it's a quick and easy job when you have the parts.


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Thanks for the info.

I suppose, that once I have had a chance to wriggle under the fixed wheel in an SV with lowered floor, I'll know whether I will want to make the swap.

Once it is done, I doubt that the Spanish MOT (ITV) inspection would spot the change, as they only crawl around the outside and under the car to check lights, mechanicals etc. I have never had an inspector look in the car, but then I have never owned a Seven before.

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Not Seven specific but related. I once had a gas engineer around to write out a certificate on all my mobile catering equipment. I connected it all up and he diligently sprayed every connection with leak detector. Satisfied that there was no sign of any air bubbles indicating a gas leak he happily wrote me out my certificate. He never asked me to turn the gas on so of course I didn't

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