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Sports suspension adjustability?


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No other adjustments other than ride height. I’m not sure of the range but from too low to too high, for sure!

Other then that you can, of course, alter camber, castor, toe and change springs but no really quick adjustments. 

I fitted Jack Webb rose joint top joints so changing toe and camber from road to track settings is very easy and quick. 


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That’s interesting about the disclaimer. I am absolutely certain that was not there when I bought these a couple of years ago, nor was such information supplied with the parts. 

I’d be interested to know why that’s there and if there have been any failures, as I know these things are quite widely used both on the road and in racing. I wonder if he’s not been able to get PL cover  

On a practical note I’d be surprised if they weren’t safe. The material looks and is/was said to be of a reasonable spec and the dimensions are similar to the original fitments so they ought to be easily strong enough. 


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So as per the JW disclaimer it appears that the top wishbones are not fit for purpose when fitted for road or track use but look good for display purposes??! !

With that sort of disclaimer who would want to buy.

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