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drivers side lowered floor s3 imperial chassis wanted


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“they are drilled to fit your chassis”

The lowered floors are supplied undrilled, so it is necessary to use a hole finder to accurately drill the underside front and inner flange holes. The outer and rear vertical flanges can be drilled using the side / rear panels as jigs, with the floor in its correct fitted position.

Edit to add 5/32” hole finder:


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Ralph, I have a set I never fitted.  I'll need to check if they're what you're looking for.  I did advertise them on BC a few years ago.  A search may find the thread.


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Yes, thank you for the info' Malcolm and Wrightpayne.  I shall have a look also and see what mine looks like.

I have had a look at Caterham parts and one of the lowered floors available has the description: LOWERED FLOOR PANEL LHS - SERIES 3 DD (NOT 96.5-01.5)

That suggests to me that something changed mid 2001.

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