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New Battery

Alan Reeves

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I have just changed my ' wet ' battery for an Odyssey 535. I have wanted to ditch the wet battery forever but to lazy and did not want the hassle of getting the right size fit.

Well Andy of PGM has come up with a 3D fitment that sorts the problem out. Not the cheapest solution but I am happy.



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Hi SM25T

Yes you are correct it isn't inexpensive, but having seen some highly dubious even dangerous fitments of batteries over time we thought an upgrade might be useful to a proportion of owners. As I'm sure you can appreciate a considerable amount of time and effort has gone into the design and production.

Kind regards Colin@PGM

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Re #11:

As it is a sealed battery surely the spacers could be produced from high density foam ?

Indeed, and that's exactly what I did on my old 1.8K SS-R:


The foam was the dense packing material that came in the Odyssey box.  The battery insulation wrap helps to locate it.


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