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Recomendation for Drill set


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Just been doing a couple of jobs on the car and I have found that the drill set I have is next to useless. I ended up raking through an ods and sods box to find some discarded drills to do the job.

Looking for recomendations for a drill set for cutting steel.  No need for wood or masonry drills.


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Here's a tip.......

Do NOT buy the drill sets advertised on Ideal World TV shopping channel - they are 100% useless!

Yes, they replace any breakage for 10 years, but in every instance when I've used a drill for whatever purpose (drilling wood steel, alloy or brick) - each and every 'cobalt' drill tip has broken - Mohamed knows why I purchased them, as we all know the sales people on there are proffessional liars.

Cost £5 post each time for replacements!

Must be old age.

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