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oil filter sandwich plate


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All the flow needs to go through the ports on the sandwich plate.  If you block them with sensors there'll be no flow to your engine.

Easy way is to use the spare port on the filter take-off.  I steered someone that way a few months ago on here.

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Yes I used one but it was in conjunction with an Accusum. You need one of these from Merlin Motorsport "Mocal Billet Sandwich Plate For Sender Fitment". Depending on the size of your sump plug you might be able to drill and tap the plug or buy one 

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Pressure ... the filter head is drilled for the standard oil pressure sender, simply replace this with the piping for the mechanical oil pressure gauge ... assuming that's what you're trying to do.

Temperature ... unless you're tracking the car you don't need to worry about oil temperature. If you are going on track you should have at least an Apollo tank, preferably a dry-sump set up. In both cases the Apollo tank or the dry sump tank will have drillings already in place for a temperature sender.

Why make life any more complicated!


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