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brake fluid leak


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Good evening gents, any help here would be appreciated...

Building a 270S kit, and today filled and tried to bleed the brakes, but very quickly found a leak (see pic).


Anyway tried tightening - no luck. Tried tightening some more - no luck. Had another go and decided that if I tighten further something is going to brake ! *whistle*

So of course it is friday afternoon and Derek and the factory are not available to pester about a solution. I've checked the manual and I appear to have the correct washer. 

Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.

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To mention if you have to rejig the connection.  

A layer of cling film over the reservoir cap opening with the cap refitted will help reduce loss of brake fluid whilst you work. Sequence as no doubt you know is to fix the braided hose into the T piece with the other end tightened afterwards.

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As above certainly the wrong washer, before your go and rebleed consider replacing the rigid rear brake pipes with flexible ones.

Still cant believe CC get away with selling a car with these rigid pipes on, and IVA dont pick up on it either ....... connected to a floating rear caliper !

There is a reason flexible lines are mandatory on race cars now..... 

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As above.............

I would think it should be a dowdy washer for hydraulic fittings or a copper washer. 

Also I'd recommend using braided brake lines to the calipers as the rigid copper pipes make removing the calipers a pain. I was going to take my calipers off during my winter long tinkering but couldn't be bothered when I saw the rigid pipes and if I did so would have to disconnect and re-bleed the system.

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Thanks for all the replies.

The manual clearly shows a washer in the diagram, and the parts list says 2 are needed (item IK ,2 no)...


Anyway I went looking for thin copper ones but could only find some at 2mm thick, the same thickness as the one in there!

Jim, thanks for the cling film idea, the mess would have been a lot worse without it. And the sequence did have me puzzled for a while, but you were right of course.

Ian, I did as you suggested and it bottomed out ok, so helped with the decision to omit the washer.

The advice re flexible hoses is appreciated, and maybe a project for the future, but for simple me I need to tick the boxes at the moment. Agree with the sentiment though, could be so much better. So could the manual, but hey ho.

CtrMint - the bag it came in just had a lock nut, no washer, so I added the one from the manual. Thanks for the photo of your install, it looks like you do not have a washer, and as it doesn't leak I thought it must be fine, so I removed mine!

Have now re-bled and no leaks, so will check tomorrow, and also see if I have a pedal.


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