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Tips on installing LSD?


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So having struggled with my better half at the weekend, this was a much more difficult job than I expected.

Therefore, anybody got any tips on how best to install?

The two tips I have already learnt:

1) Make sure your propshaft is the right size (yes, Derek confirmed this morning I have the wrong one.....cannot be delivered until after Christmas *ranting*)

2) Use the jack to take the weight.

As I now have 2 weeks until I start again....any more tips please?

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Assume you mean fitting the diff. Make sure propshaft is in place ... if the engine and gearbox are fitted.. without the a-frame there is plenty of space to lift the diff on a trolley jack ... I use a bit of plywood about 300 x 300mm on the arm of the jack to help balance the diff.
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I removed the wooden base in the boot (four screws I remember) and used an engine hoist to lift it up into place. This made it easy to get underneath to position it without the jack etc in the way.


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I slid underneath the car with the diff on the floor to my right, then dragged it onto me and then 'benched pressed' it (maybe struggled would be a better description), into place.  We had some 8mm studding ready to slide into to top bolt hole - once on end was in (and hence some of the weight supported)I could adjust my grip and get the other side of the top bolt hole aligned so that the studding could slide completely through.  I did try using a jack, but wasn't happy to proceed as there's not much space / control.  You'll need someone who can steady it and slide the rod in.  Total time using that method - about 10 mins.  Once it's got some support the two other bolts are easy.  The studding was wrapped in insulating tape to ease its passage.

Good luck.


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Duct taped it to the jack so it wasn't going anywhere (lots of tape) but still with a bit of flexibility to allow for some wiggle.    Then with help of son, popped a screwdriver in each hole to get the alignment about right.  Then the fun started.  For me the bottom bolts were simple but the long one across the top was a compete pain.  My feelings on this are well documented! In the end used the multi socket extension bar technique to twist the bush sufficiently and voila!

i did start with the bench press approach but found I was bench pressing the entire rear end of the car off the stands, which did not feel good at the time!


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