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Engine Hoists

Graham King

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Folks, having removed my engine a number of times over the last year or so and having the need to do so again, I am thinking of investing in an engine hoist rather then hiring one each time.


My initial thought was to get the Clark 1 Tonne hoist here from Machine Mart. I have also found this on Ebay which is quite a lot cheaper and comes with a load leveler (which looks a little basic).


Does anyone have any experience of either of these items please. I am of a mind to get the Clark one from Machine Mart as it is a known entity but the other one is a lot cheaper.


Any advice appreciated.







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I bought the Clarke 500KG one early this year, and in operation it's been great and does stow away into a relatively small space. However, the tolerances aren't great, often requiring me to loosen off a load of bolts to get it to fit back together. I bought the load leveler, which was quite useful, but not essential providing you have another person to help you. *smile*

Don't forget to order hydraulic fluid - it doesn't come with any.


David Smitheram, Wiltshire (South) Joint AR, 07718 368173.

1600 supersport race car www.racelife.co.uk

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probably made in the same Chinese factory as the Clarke ones. The load leveller does make it quite a bit easier although you can certainly live without one.


I found with my Clarke that after a long period of non-use, the fluid needed to be flushed out and replaced. Not sure why but it wouldn't pump up. I ended up taking it to pieces and cleaning out the pump mechanism. Its been fine since.



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If you need a hoist at the moment, I am "storing" Angus' for him, whihc I a sure you are welcome to borrow.


I'm down the road in Felbridge as you may recall.



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I have the 2 ton one as per the ebay link - like the one at the top of the page, not the same picture as in the advert further down.


2 ton is overkill but I bought it about 4 years ago, it was cheap and able to to the job, it is a bit bulky but fine. Mine didn't come with a spreader bar but I have never needed one. As for durability - mine has been used quite a lot, more by other people than me and it seems fine. I'll be putting it back into service soon to take my engine and box out again and then to hoist the front of the car up to make it easier to clean/paint the chassis *thumbup*. Although heavy it goes in the back of a reasonably sized hatchback.


Solent Se7ens Web!

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Hi, I've got the 500kg one. It has been used for Caterham engine + gearbox out and Peugeot 1.9 TD engine and gearbox out. Along with load leveller I managed to do the Peugeot job single-handed and even move the engine & gearbox 10 yds up a cobbled hill to re-install. I can't see how any jobs you're going to do would need the 1T one (given that the whole 7 is around 500kg). The 500kg crane JUST fits in my 306 and doesn't take up too much space in my garage. The load leveller makes the job a hell of a lot easier. I'm very grateful to Myles for making me buy one!


back here because I want to be.

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I have a Clarke hoist and leveller which I bought 2nd hand and have used twice - it spends most of its time sitting in my garage or shed. You're more than welcome to borrow it and I'm in Felcourt - so only a mile or so from you!


BM me or give me a ring on *************** if you want to borrow it.




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