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shocks / springs

Darryn R

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the ride is defined by the stiffness of the spring then the quality of the damper.

with the same spring the Bilstein may be a bit better in quality but the Spax have the advantage to be adjustable.

I had Spax on my live axle they where not the std fit with 2 1/4" id spring but i did found them good.

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I found the billy rears to harsh, moving to protech (similar to spax) the ride was much more acceptable with them set 2 or 3 clicks from minimum, plus you can play with them a bit on trackdays.


Along with fiddling with front tyre pressures they helped dial out a stack of understeer which was nice.


Edited to add that my car is dedion but I can't imagine why the thinking wouldn't work on a live axle.


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I drove two long-cockpit live axle chassis back-to-back a few weeks ago, one equipped with Bilstein (my car) and one with Spax. Chassis-wise the cars were as close to identical as you could get as they were both championship cars with control tyres, spring rates and ride heights etc...

The two are radically different. As far as I know, bilstein are much more in favour in my race club and some people view spax as the 'old' (pre-'98) suspension which was superceeded by the 'better' bilstein.

I will say now that if I was using the car on the road a lot more I'd be very tempted to 'upgrade' to spax! Its is a much more effective damper and the car I drove had significantly less high-frequency vibration transmitted from the circuit's surface. It felt like the car was on much higher profile tyres than the bilstein car in the way the bumps were absorbed. The spax car was a joy to drive.

The bilsteins, though, do feel 'better' for a race car- the car feels more communicative and I felt I had a better feel for what the tyres were doing.

This is backed up by the fact that redline recommend the spax for all live-axle cars except race/track cars.

By the way i am aware that the spax are adjustable in rebound and I didn't play with this setting on my drive. the car had been flat-floored, though, and its previous owner tells me that he set it up with the correct rake and damper settings to dial out the understeer which the spax cars are apparently succeptable to.


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Hi Darryn,

I have a set of Gaz dampers for a live axle car sitting in my garage if you are interested.

Adjustable rebound and ride height, Only used on the car for about 100 miles before I moved to AVO.








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92 Supersprint, Ford LSD LA, RK AX Crossflow. Stealth model (Matt Black and Ali), rebuild completed.


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