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roadsport 175 or superlight?


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I think I have persuaded SWMBO to let me spend a bit more on my next 7. The roadsport duratec175 and the superlight (with sigma 150) are almost exactly the same price when I add the options I want, and I don't know which one to go for.- on paper the 0-60s are about the same. I'd put the superlight suspension on the roadsport and a screen on the superlight.


Previous car was roadsport 125. I drove a roadsport 150 SV and it didn't seem to be much more urgent than my 125 but I could feel the slight lack of low down torque.

I've had some hot laps in a superlight 300 and that was brutally faster .


If it's not going to be an obvious performance upgrade, then I think I'll save my money, so my questions are:


Does the 6 speed box in the superlight make it obviosly quicker than the roadsport 150?

Cos the duratec has loads of torque does having the 6 sepped box (roadsport 175 vs R300) make much difference?


Has anyone driven both and can give a comparison?


Kind Regards


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I think I have persuaded SWMBO to let me spend a bit more on my next 7.
You lucky boy, I wish I had your dilema! *wink*


For what it's worth IMO, I would defo go for the duratec roadsport *thumbup*

Love my little 125 (& certainly can't afford to replace it at the moment) but if I could in the future I would have a 175 roadsport with 5 speed box *thumbup*

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Duratec! *thumbup* but you should really try both then decide.


I rented a Sigma 150 from CC a few months before ordering my kit. When I gave the car back I went out with the sales guy in an R400 Duratec. There was no going back after that! *smokin* In the end I went for an R300 Duratec (same engine as Roadsport 175) but I have an easy upgrade path to R400 performance in the future. As this is my first Caterham though, for now the 175 is well enough.


I really noticed a difference in the superlight suspension too (over the standard suspension). Much better over bumpy back roads. Plus big brakes, LSD etc etc.




Duratec R300 SV Build Pics

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I'm no expert, but it seems to me that it depends what you are going to do with the car.


If it's mainly track driving then go Superlight, you'll want the 6 speed box, but I notice you still have to pay extra for a LSD on the R300.


If it's mainly for road use, the higher top in the 5 speed will be useful, and it'll save quite a bit of money, particularly as you plan to spec a screen on the Superlight.


Nice choice to have *smile*




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