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Duratecs - why not 1.8l


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Quite possibly a numpty question - but I see 2.0l & 2.3l Duratecs being fitted as standard (and some other sizes in between).


I've not heard of anyone fitting a 1.8l Duratec.


Is it the same block/design ?

Is there something basically different between the 1.8l and the 2.0/2.3l variants ?



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May as well build a short stroke screamer from the 2.0 - the larger bore and larger valves would be much better/easier if you're paying big money for a custom crank anyway (I have a reduced stroke 2.3 to let it rev more - a 2.0 would have been a more sensible option in the first place!)
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Although the rod ratio is different on you engine as the rod is longer in a converted 2.3 than in a converted 2 litre with an 88mm stroke. In theory yours should make a little more torque.


You could get a 2 litre to make more than 300 bhp if you can rev it enough. Probably 9,500 / 9,800 rpm. You could make it do that at 8.500 if you had a mountain of money.


Getting these sort of figures out of engines like these is not a piece of piss as some people think.


I was talking to one of my friends who did some of the development on 8,500 rpm 2 litre, 312 bhp engines. He spent a month just on bellmouths. The amount of time and money needed to develop everything so it is just right can run into thousands of hours and many thousands of pounds.


Not so long ago I supplied a mad Netherlander with some bits. He has converted a 2 litre to 1.6. He claims 265 bhp at 11,500 rpm. It is credible. Having said that the best 1600 cc engines make 240 bhp but are made from de-stroked 1700 cc engines usually.








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