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Caption Competition


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"Shouldn't have had those Baked Beans last night"


"Which Bar steward has nicked my chair"


"These sympathy labour pains really hurt"






Competition Secretary

*cool* 2005 Speed Championship - 13 Rounds with 7 counting towards the championship *cool*

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I didn't know John McEnroe had a Caterham *wink*




Is this not the look-a-like competition 🤔


A10ROX:OK, its an R500 without the magnesium bits sump etc and only 205bhp!


Edited by - A10ROX on 25 May 2005 18:24:47

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Gosh I actually did a power slide opps make that TWO ........ 😳


The wife washed me race suit.......


Caterhams always get me over excited


NEVER EVER be a track passenger with (FILL IN NAME)


'Can you hear me running' ......... OH YES and its music to my ears 😬 😬 😬

1988 200 bhp, 146 ft lbs, 1700cc Cosworth BD? engineered by Roger King, on Weber's with Brooklands and Clamshell wings, Freestyle Motorsport suspension.

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