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Reverse Light Conversion

David Lynch

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Has anyone got experience of converting a dual foglight car (well I'm assuming the right, none functioning, full of water as cracked one is a fog too *thumbdown*) so that replaced with a reverse light? (My car doesn't have one at all) Does car of my vintage (95 Ex Race 1.4K SS) have necessary switching and wiring in place from gearbox? 🤔


Ta Muchly





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Hi Dave, I've converted mine (ex-race '95 1400) and it's fairly straightforward.


There should already be wiring for the reversing lights in place - in '95 they were fitted to the rear wings therefore if you have none, the wings have possibly been changed?


Remove the "offending" fog light (near side IIRC) and disconnect the wire. This wire is +ve switched from the fog light switch.

Re-route the reversing light wires from the loom (to the left of the tank) round to the light unit. The wires will be there somewhere because the racers used the same looms as the road cars. There should be a permanent +ve feed and a -ve from the reversing light switch (works the opposite way round to the fog light). You need to run both wires to the reversing light. Do not earth the new light to the chassis - the 2 wires will do the job alone. You can however test the light by earthing the -ve side.


If the light doesn't immediately work when selecting reverse, check that the switch is connected - it's accessable through a large hole in the drivers footwell, approximately level with your left knee position. It's a press-stud connection and can easily come off (or not reconnected if the gearbox has been removed!).


BTW, reverse light lense fits old fog light, and lense is available from LandRover - it's a Defender part. Otherwise speak to Caterham.




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You could try:


Click on Defender, then Electrics.

Very cheap, good stuff, and quick.

They also do front clear indicator lenses, only 59p. All genuine parts.

Cheers J&J




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I am half way through doing this. I had two fog lightd and two reversing lights. I am converting the left fog light into a reversing light. I have removed the right hand reversing light and assume I need to connect the two wires together to continue the circuit round the car. I believe the wire runs to the right light, then on to the left?


I have removed the left light, and popped the wires back through the wing and connected to the old fog light wires. The problem I faced last night at about 10pm was the reverse light staying on permanently. Do I assume from reading this post that I have the two wires the wrong way round? The post above suggests no earth is required, yet my existing fog lights do have a single black wire which earths to the securing bolt. It also has one other wire (reddy/brown colour?) which I have assumed is the live.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated - having a real thick moment and not had the time to experiment yet. (thats tonights fun) *smile*



'94 1.4k Supersport

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