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Superlight R not starting


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Problem with starting my Caterham. I have got a Superlight R with the 1800 K series in it.Was at Brands yesterday, had a spin and then the car would not start again. When you push the starter button there is a click at the ECU but nothing else. I have checked all visible wires and connections and nothing seems obvious. Battery is fine.

Any thoughts or ideas is the long and short of it?

Thanks in advance



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Maybe the inertial cut off switch 🤔 I seem to recall others saying there is a "reset" type button om the ECU *confused* Could be talking trash, someone with a brain will be along momentarily *idea*


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Can you hear the fuel pump prime when the ignition is turned on (before turning to start)?

The pump should be heard to prime, then stop. It will start running again once the ECU has determined the engine is rotating.

No priming=no electrical supply to pump. Look for connectors off, inertia switches tripped, fuses blown etc etc.

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Sorry I wasn't able to offer more help! I think we confirmed the ECU fuse was OK, the fuel pump was priming OK, and that there were no obvious loose or unconnected wires. We didn't check the inertia switch or its connections, but I think Merrick did check the reset button when we ran the car down to his garage. So, my prime suspect is the immobiliser circuit, especially as the indicator light was behaving so oddly, with the inertia switch connection a close second. Hope you get it fixed, and do let me know what Redline say.



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