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Hi Spec Caterham Wanted


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I have now been let down twice by sellers who change their minds or who go back on agreed arrangements *mad* *mad* *mad*


Therefore unexpectedly looking for a car again.


Must be painted, must have cycles, must be at least 160bhp (although BECs considered).







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I know of a very nice 2 year old R300 that is for sale in Suffolk.

Dark blue, not sure of the extras on it but if you are interested drop me a Blatmail and I'll put you in touch with the vendor.

Highly unlikley he'll change his mind because he's just bought Mr Ince's R500.




Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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Yes - but have you seen the colour 🤔 It also does not have the benefit of Mr Whitings disc brakes.


Was going to look at it two weeks ago until some timewaster messed me around with another car.





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