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Noisy tappet on VX

Mark Piper

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Arghh! one of my tappets is clattering badly (maybe more than 1 actually). Is it any coincidence that this has happened soon after I had the oil changed - Comma Syner Z 00/30 has replaced the Mobil 1 Motorsport.


Will a simple oil change restore the health of my tappets or will I need to replace them?


Is it worth replacing ALL of my tappets with the heavier duty "motosport" items that I understand I can buy or shall I just replace the noisy ones with standard items?


Can I use the car in its current state?


Comments gratefully received

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It could well be just the change of oil has done this. I have used Comma oil in the past but the SynerG not SynerZ. I know of 3 oils that should be OK with VX hydraulic tappets:


Comma SynerG

Mobil 1 Motorsport

Miller CFS


I would be surprised if you have lost one or more tappets in one go and anyway these are circa £28 each and you would want 16 *eek*




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Its the oil.


Syner Z's 0-30 rating is too thin.


Syner G is better at 5-40


M1 Motorsport at 15/50 or Shell Helix 10/60 are by far the best.


Don't dismantle your engine, there is nothing wrong with it!



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strangley, and of some concer to me , after reading this thread, I cann't put moble 1 in my vx, cause the tappets will not shut up. Currently I use 76 motorsport oil. It's alittle cheaper, but keeps'em quiet. *confused*


To buy an R400 or CSR200?MMM. WHich to choose. Or do I stick with the VX?

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