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House moving sale


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Loads of gear to get rid of here which I've stupidly collected over the years everything has to go so I thought I'd post it here while I still can..............here goes.


Huge Hornby train layout with loads of rolling stock buildins and all sorts of bits and pieces, complete with table (big) cost a fortune...........£350.needs dismantling and dusting off


Big r/c German U/Boat submarine looks the business but hard to set up..£150


Fender Telecaster bought new sunburst.......£450


Korg D8 digital studio as new...................£250


Loads of Lotus models (Minichamps/onyx/Tamiya/Polistil) including transporters and rare items...too many to price up on here.


Loads of F1 team shirts (Lotus/benneton/Williams/Footwork/March)


Alex Wurtz race suit (spainish gp 1998)............£800 (fits a 5'11" normal build bloke)


New sparco topdriver nomex boots black suede uk8....£35


Renault touring car race suit Nomex,yellow......£200


Merc S500 coupe 1993 blue magnolia hide 12mths MOT excellent contition 116,000 miles FSH £5000


Loads more crap to clear out in the next couple of weeks so I'll post it up if I'm able to later on


Kenny 07748 632389







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caligarinet, I'll put your name on the boots, they have never even been tried on. I have no pics of them, but they are just the standard high ankle race boot in black suede. Would be easier for me if we could get someone to pick them up for you if poss.


Horizontal, I just may renew my membership after all, I'll miss all the stick if I don't *wink*





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Kenny - YHM re. the Lotus models.


And I've alerted Chris Clark to your R/C U-Boat, which sounds right up his street *wink* He might have his hands full on that front though - with a remote control shark of all things *eek*



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Without wishing to hi-jack the thread - an RC hovercraft sounds very cool! *thumbup* *thumbup*


Kenny: Do you have an 'unwinged' Lotus 49 model? (i.e. a 49A or B) - I've been after one for a while and can't seem to find one.


- How can such a cute looking car sound so ferocious! -

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