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Results from Llandow

david nelson

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Dave - They were my big "darkies" 😬


I've just done some calcs having tried to sacle the actual sprint course length off the website picture.


One lap = 1450m

I reckon sprint = 2550m


My sprint time = 77.03

Dave beat me by .04 sec = 1.3m *confused*


Average speed = 119.2 kph or 74mph *tongue*




122.9 kph

76.37 mph

Now in search of wider ACB10 due to the excessive sidways nature of yesterdays action.



Working out the maths involved for retractable wings.


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Gee that looks pretty well sorted compared to how my car handled *eek* Thanks to Darren for telling me to disconnect the rear ARB for the last run. Amazing difference and it resulted in a 2 sec saving. Looks like these freestyle bits are the way forward.

Thanks to Dave Jackson and team for a great couple of days.


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Disconnect the rear arb *confused* nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I'm using the freestlye dampers , I disconnected the rear ard on saturday cos the handling was crap and the car handled even worse on sunday ,I put it back on and gained like 4/10th's on the final run despite having more than a few moments on the way round *eek*


Simon was realy flying and I was having a realy ****e day both on and off the track( re: drivers excuse #148 )


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How things have moved on from last year apart from my time which was excactly the same but was good enough for 2nd in class 5 in 2004

I would like to thank those offered their help so that I could come and play following my MB wheel drama, specifically Alex Minchin for his support 'barge' all weekend, Andy Griff for his tyres on saturday, Mark Durrant for his nuts and Jon Powell for his bald, shot, no grip...(drivers excuse # 422) ACB10's without which I wouldn't have been able to salvage any enjoyment from what ultimately was a bit of a stressful weekend.

Cheers All, see you at Curborough *thumbup*


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Dave - just how do you manage to get the weather so great, the forecast all week was horrible, and besides sat am it was about perfect (maybe a few degrees warmer but I am not complaining)...


thanks as always to the myriad of people that help to make the event possible so people like us can enjoy ourselves *smile*


well done to PaulD who smashed the class 3 record by over a second, and Adrian whose time would have been a class record if it was not for Pauls *thumbup*


Congrats to all the winners,and hopefully everyone else from novices to the more expereinced enjoyed there day *thumbup*


On a personal note I managed to knock 2.3s of my PB down to 81.8 something, which I was well pleased with 😬 the difference from last year, freestyle suspension and a bit more commitmant *cool*


rob *arrowup*


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Thanks to all who made the weekend so fantastic! My first sprint and I ask myself....why did I leave it so long to start! 🤔


Cheers especially to all the class 2 chaps/ mrs Kipper, for advice, gentle ribbing and a warm welcome...


roll on Curborough 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬


Can I have better weather for the drive home next time though.....4 hours in the rain without windscreen and hood was a tad uncomfortable ☹️ *tongue*


Dannyboy *tongue*

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Rob..reckon I was lucky! Not the most technical track, one for balls out really!! Curborough will be a real challenge 😬 😬


Reckon I could've improved my time in the final timed run until I got a tad over exhuberant out of the bus stop 😬 😬 😬 But that caused me the biggest smile of the day 😬 😬 Not fast, but definately fun!! Still don't think Id've got too close to Richard's time though 😳


Car will be sorted for Curborough...1800 injectors finally fitted!! Might have to look at some newer tyres too *smile* ...hmmmmmm sprinting ain't that cheap is it??? 😬 😬 😬


Dannyboy *tongue*

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Who else came where in class 2 - Mark D, Andy N, Mike S, et al?


Did Brodie put slicks on after he was rumbled for not being road legal or was his time with class 5 ACB10s? I hope he gets his SVA soon so he's back in class 5 ASAP 😬




Suffering serious sprint cold-turkey. Must get this finished *smile*

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