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Its a bit windy........


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Ere, I do the fart gags in these parts. You can be my understudy if you like, I can train you in the art of the fart *wink*




Lets see you try one of those beauties


That's it, brace yourself against the arms of your chair but make sure you don't follow through


Come on now, you can do it *wink*


Supercheese R250

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Just for everyones information (and I'l be sending a link to the entire contents of my address book), Mr Jackson shat his pants while we were on our moped jaunt! *eek*

We were all sat in a pub jibbering about the days events when Mark announced 'I think I've sh1t myself'. He then stood up (in the style of John Wayne) and confirmed 'yes I have. I've sh1t myself'.

He then made a delicate walk out of the pub to investigate the damage/fall-out ☹️

That'll teach him for not drinking 😬 😬 He blames a tummy bug. We blame his inability to control his bodly functions *thumbdown* 🙆🏻


savin up to be eccentric. but for now, i'll just be stupid...

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