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Wing stays

arron oconnell

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The only disadvantage I've read about is some tyre shoulder profiles make it difficult getting the wheel on and off.

I did buy some race stays but never fitted them so sold them on. I wasn't sure I'd be sticking with 185/60R13s - anything bigger could be problematic.

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I run 185/60/13 /r88/r on 6.5x13 rims, no fittting or clearance issues at all with CC Race stays

OE CSR stays are not a direct fit onto an S3, years back Gary May produced some that enabled S3 cars to run CSR front wings, they look good but there is a significant increase in the amount of debris thrown up as the CSR wings are much shorter at the back.

I als0 found the CC wings cracked on a regular basis around the front lollipop mount due to flexing of the GRP wing.

ISTR MOG make some ally stays.... wave goodbye to a kidney if you want some though, I would look at these with caution as they stays get a fair amount of vibration and ally may not ethe optimal material for these

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#7 Likewise I've run a variety of 13" tyre sizes with the race stays and no issues, with my current ZZSs I angle the wheel slightly to clear the wing when removing/refitting. 

Regarding aluminium stays, my car has Mog CF headlight shells which were originally fitted with Mog aluminium stays, one of which snapped without warning on a blat. Thankfully some gaffa tape enabled me to get home. Structural vibrating parts are not ideal for aluminium tubing, unless of course there's a substantial testing regime to ensure fitness for purpose which is unlikely to happen with a 7.


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