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K Series hiccuping at idle?


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1.8 K series that was VVC before receiving the K06 treatment from @Oilyhands. (Removal of VVC mechanism, hotter cams, throttle bodies and ECU)

Taken out of hibernation two weekends ago, started first time, idled fine, been out twice for gentle blats to reacquaint and all good. 

Changed the spark plugs, oil & filter and general spanner check pre MOT and now have a hiccup at idle. Starting was difficult after service but with a bit of throttle got going with a cough and splutter, revs at idle fluctuated until settling back to idle normally but with a hiccup. 

New plugs are NGK BCP7ES 

Nothing else deliberately touched.

TPS reset tried to no effect. 

Hiccup interval ranges from 4 to 20+ seconds. 

Seeking advice before I attempt to drive in case I do more harm. Any good ideas anyone?

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@wrightpayne. Yes driven twice and all fine. 40 miles ish that morning. Plugs all looked the same on the way out (ie the old ones) and after running with hiccup no apparent difference to the new ones.

@TomB. Not obviously but was losing patience so tidied up and walked away. Will check later unless Oily pops up and can tell me what he does as part of the upgrade. 

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I'm not sure those are the right plugs. Which ones came out? I think VVC will be wasted spark so you need BCPR7ES or NLP100290 or I'm currently using Denso K16PR-U11 which also seem fine.

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